IET Faraday Challenge Trophy Winners July 2016 – Ursuline Academy Ilford

IET Faraday Challenge Trophy Winners July 2016

Twenty-nine schools from across London and Essex were invited to IET London, Savoy Place on Monday 18 July after winning an IET Faraday Challenge Day which tasks teams of students with solving a real life engineering challenge. This year’s challenge was based on the BBC micro:bit – the small, programmable tool designed to introduce those in Year 7 (England) or equivalent, to the world of coding and can be used to create anything from games and animations to apps and scrolling stories. Students had to code their BBC micro:bit for a real-life engineering application in order to show the relevance of this new device to the world around us.

Students invited to the celebration event had to develop a product which could build on their best ideas from the IET Faraday Challenge Day. Each team had to present their work to a panel of judges. The Ursuline Academy’s idea was based on a countdown monitor tracker for the menstrual cycle, to alert females of their first day of their periods which caught the eye of the Judges. The winners delivered a mature approach and pushed the boundaries very comfortably, in their presentation on a taboo subject “Periods”! which they named “Code Red” Not a Taboo for you. They were awarded the prize for Creativity. Other awards included team spirit, innovation, product design, and most promising future software engineer.

Student comment

 “I loved going on this trip because it was a unique experience. I got to learn about different things to do with coding for example how much coding there is to operate an IPhone. And how important a Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) will be for future jobs careers”

Students had the opportunity to learn how to code and program their own BBC micro:bit in a very hands-on and practical environment in the hope that this will give them an insight into the life of a real engineer, the variety a career in engineering can offer and the central role it plays in our everyday lives. The event gave the perfect opportunity to celebrate the students’ successes and encourage them to take their ideas even further.


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