Day 3 – 2/11/16

Full on technical morning today, talking to a software developer about the different roles within this area. It was a fascinating insight into how current software is developed and how it is like a spider’s web of intricacies. We looked at the process of development and the different stages systems go through before they are ready to be used. We discussed what motivates developers and encourages creativity whilst at the same time delivering results. We also explored different ideas and ways to deliver concepts via the computing curriculum. Lots for me to reflect on and think about.

I had an interesting afternoon meeting with the Head of IBM’s Diversity and Inclusion department. It was immediately clear that IBM is firmly committed to supporting diversity and I discovered that the organisation has been acknowledged by a wide selection of organisations for its efforts within this area. It was great to hear about the different pathways into IBM, programmes such as the school leavers programme, the apprenticeship scheme and the IBM futures scheme, which is a 12 month paid gap year. There are also lots of opportunities for both Undergraduates and Graduates. We discussed what it is like working for such a large organisation and how that affects the working culture within such an environment. It was made clear that it is very much up to the individual to make the most of their opportunities, the employee is in charge of their own success, putting forward ideas, taking on responsibilities and making choices about how to get the job done. No micro management here!

Two very different sessions today but equally as valuable, lots of useful information that will help me adapt the curriculum and the way in which I deliver my lessons. Also I feel better informed about potential options for my students.


One thought on “Day 3 – 2/11/16

  1. Brilliant! It seems you captured everything you hoped , you would get out of the programme. The students will be so lucky when they get an energised teacher back, next week. Guiding them through what wil be a more engaging curriculum, fit for the ‘real world’ another informative read.


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