STEM Insight Teacher Placement @IBM

Wow what a day! Day one of my IBM TIPS experience has been fantastic. The day whizzed by, everyone was so welcoming and approachable and I knew as soon as I met the team that I would be well supported throughout my placement. The day started with an informative meeting about what I should expect and how the CCCA (Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs) team operates. I was given my agenda and then my exciting journey had began…. The day was packed full of interesting conversations and the complexity of the organisation and its systems became immediately clear. Lots of exciting discussions about IBM Watson and The Internet of Things…. Amazing, after just the morning session I have had an insight into the industry and had observed the real life application of STEM within a leading multinational technology company!

I also met with two graduates just starting out on their career paths within exciting STEM roles. They were happy to talk about their experiences, education and application process. We discussed their day to day experiences and they shared details of projects that they have been involved in. It was great that they were able to take time out from their busy schedules to meet with me and answer all of my questions.  In one day I have gathered so much valuable information that I can take back to school and share with both students and colleagues.

I feel privileged to be taking part in such a great scheme and am so grateful to everyone involved. I am looking forward to what the next two weeks have in store and cannot wait to share my experiences with my students.


2 thoughts on “STEM Insight Teacher Placement @IBM

  1. What a lovely read Naimah, brings backs nice memories when I was on my placement. As one of things that stood out for me was – how helpful everyone was, nothing was too much trouble. They were more than happy to give us the full experience, and you come away feeling more able to prepare students for industry?

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    1. Thank you Rose. Yes I am definitely starting to feel more prepared. I am talking to so many interesting, knowledgeable people and feel I am gaining so much out of this experience.


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